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The work of software testing company is to run the process of quality checks for checking the strength of the application being developed for the necessary output. In the entire process of software development cycle, software testing is considered as the most important factor as it lets the tester identify the errors as well as mistakes in the software application developed. [More]

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Black box testing method is used widely for checking the results in a way that needs no understanding of the code of software or programming knowledge. In this type of result based testing techniques, there is no need for the tester to have knowledge about certain input leading to corresponding output. [More]

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The main function of BA is to identify the needs of an organization and find out solutions for the same. Recession has affected world economy and the need for such professionals has increased in the last few years. [More]

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There are so many aspects of a business analysis and before you start working on the first project, getting the right training is very important. There are different ways in which business analyst approaches a software development project. [More]