We are living in an age in which only those who are armed with additional skills are given preference at the time of job interview. Fiercely competitive market demands something extra from those who are looking for a well-paid career. There are two professions that are high in demand–quality assurance and business analyst. [More]

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Quality assurance is a term that needs no introduction amongst those who are associated with IT industry. Although the term varies in different industries, it is widely used in software development. With the growth and development of software development industry, sudden need for software testing has been felt more. [More]

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There are many people who dream of making a career in the IT industry but because of the technicalities they are not able to do so. However, business analyst and quality assurance are two job profiles that have caught the attention of many aspiring candidates looking for a bright future in IT industry. [More]

It is human to crave for a career that can let you fetch job that you have been craving for a long time. With the upcoming of software development industry, things have changed drastically. There are several job profiles available from which you can choose the best for you. One of the most preferred job profiles is that of business analyst. [More]

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The present is the age of technology. The need for hiring business analysts has been felt like never before. The role of business analysts is of great importance to the overall functioning of an organization. Such professionals make sure that the firm functions smoothly and maximum is achieved through the implementation of right strategies. [More]