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Quality Assurance Introduction
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Duration: 8 weeks. (80+ Hours)
Cost: $600 (Payable in easy installments)
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Quality Assurance (QA) Training in New York(NY)

The role of a quality assurance expert is to see that the services and products of the company are able to meet stringent quality control to ensure that customers across the globe get high-quality products and services delivered to them. This is a huge responsibility and that is why companies are now seeking personnel who are professionally trained in this field apart from having bachelor’s degrees.
How to achieve expertise in the field of quality assurance?
Although many learn quality assurance on the job it is not such a good idea in today’s over-competitive job scenario. If you are interested in ensuring a job in this particular field, you would do well to first arm yourself with a proper certificate in quality assurance with a registered firm. You can undertake good Assurance(QA) Training in New York which offers both online and onsite courses. The fee structure is flexible and easy payment modes are an option.

Although all quality assurance training courses teach the fundamentals, there are various levels and sub-divisions within the courses itself. Since every industry has its own specific requirements of quality standardization, there are many programs which an aspiring quality assurance expert can opt for. From general courses like Quality Control and Management Certificate to more comprehensive ones likeAssociate in Applied Arts and Science in Quality Assurance, various training programs can be undertaken to enhance one’s skills and to advance ones’ chances of landing meaningful employment.
Faculty at the Quality Assurance(QA) Training in New York
Quality Assurance(QA) Training in New York has a group of dedicated instructors who rely on their vast experience and inside knowledge of the industry to impart to students the best quality assurance training to be found anywhere. The wide array of related subjects is taught online as well as onsite. Corporates can opt for onsite training if they wish to train a number of their employees at one go. These classes can also be customized as per the company’s specific requirements. Online classes are good for those for whom commuting or lack of time becomes a deterrent for normal classes. Classes are held in a student-friendly environment and which is conducive to learning and the faculty is always available to answer students’ queries.
Core of the course
While most courses focus on detection of errors in products and services, Quality Assurance(QA) Training in New York also places great emphasis on ‘prevention’ and how to build sturdy processes which would prevent errors and failures in the first place. This saves not only valuable time in the processing period but the quality of services and products turn out to be of the highest standard. Some of the best tools in quality assurance training like Auditing,Six Sigma,Lean and AIAG core tools are part of the course.

The best course is that which helps the student understand, create and integrate measures which will lead to efficient quality-control in the company and Quality Assurance(QA) Training in New York provides just that training.
Cost and Duration
Course Fee : $750 $600 for a limited time
Duration : 8 Weeks. 80+ Hours of Training.

Two convenient options to fit your schedule
  • Option 1: 2 Hour Weekday Evening classes (Monday – Friday)
  • Option 2: 4 Hour Weekend Morning or Afternoon classes (Saturday and Sunday)
Student Queries
1. Do you provide QA Training in New York or New Jersey?
Answer: Yes. We do provide class room QA and BA Training in New York and New Jersey.
2. Can I take a look at the outline of the course?
Answer: Yes, you can check the course outline here.
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I would have never imagined that learning new tool could be this simple and easy. Thanks Training-Specialists.
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