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Quality Center

Introduction to Quality Center:
Quality Center, also known as QC is a web-based test management tool from HP provides software quality assurance services, including requirements management, test management and business process testing for software project/applications.

The management of all software testing activities in complete SDLC cycle is known is Test management. Test management includes both manual and automated software testing activities. For better management of these activities there are many open source and paid tools are available in the market. Test management tools help to manage business requirements, test resources, software testing artifacts and defects etc. These tools help to provide quick stats on project status by providing a customized dashboard, automatic generation of requirement traceablity matrix (RTM), defects reports/graphs and other critical reports/graphs/information which can be helpful in quick decision making.

Quality Center Training

Quality center is one of the most demanding web based test management tools which help by providing an organized framework for testing software/applications and helps in managing all software testing process. QC saves a lot of time with better management because software testing has many time consuming activities. Quality Center helps to maintain a project database of tests that cover all aspects of application functionality.

Quality Center can be integrated easily with automation testing tools like QTP and Load runner, so that we can get a fully automated application testing. Also, QC can be integrated with your email system which helps to send email notification for project related activities to all concerned stakeholders such as developers, testers, support team and management team members. Quality Center provides very interactive graphical reports to analyze the present status of the project under test.

Quality Center Components
Quality Center has the following components which play very important role in the test management process.

1. Release management:
is a software engineering process intended to manage the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases.

2. Requirement management:
is a software engineering process of documenting, analyzing, tracking, prioritizing and agreeing on functional and non functional requirements and then controlling change and communicating to project stakeholders.

3. Test plan:
is a systematic approach to testing to define what need to be tested, when need to be tested and how testing will be completed.

4. Test lab:
is a process which helps test scheduling, organizing, running or executing the tests and finally in the test result analysis.

5. Defect management:
is a process of recognizing the defect found in application during test execution, investigating the defects, taking action and fixing of defects.

6. Dashboard:
Interactive and graphical representation of summary of project. The summary may include test coverage, requirement coverage, defect summary, upcoming project delivery details etc.

Quality Center Interesting features and benefits:
  • Quality center is a web based application which can be hosted on Windows and Linux based servers.
  • QC supports multiple projects and each project has its own database for requirements, test cases and defects.
  • Admin or any other authorized user can create a new project, rename existing project, copy the existing project and assign/ unassigned users to the project.
  • QC provides easy management of users. Users can be added, modified and deleted by admin or any other authorized person.
  • QC support project groups. Users can be assigned directly to project groups. User's permission can be customized at project group levels.
  • Custom fields can be created as per project requirements. You can create new fields and map them with type like string, list and numbers etc.
  • You can create/ modify requirements or sub requirements. QC supports different views of requirements like Coverage view, Grid view etc.
  • QC support test plan creation in hierarchy of folder/ sub folders. Test cases can be created under test plan folder/ sub folders.
  • QC support mapping of test cases to requirements and summary reports.
  • You can create test iterations (rounds). QC support creation of “test sets” and mapping test cases for each test set.
  • QC record test execution results and defects found in each iteration. Finally, you can generate test execution reports.
  • QC provides easy defect management by configuring the defect life cycle as per project requirements. It provides security features for defect status change.
  • Defects can be easily linked to requirements, test cases. QC supports different type of defect reports.
  • Requirements, defects and test cases can be imported or exported to excel files.

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