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Mantis Bug Tracker

Introduction to Mantis Bug Tracker
Mantis is an open source web based bug tracking application. Mantis application helps in the defect / bug maintenance throughout the STLC (Software testing life cycle). Mantis is easy to install on any platform and developed using PHP programming language and Mysql database. There are many open source or paid bug trackers are available in the market like jira, bugzilla, quality center (QC) and mantis etc.. Mantis is one of most popular, reliable, open source and easy to use bug tracking application. To understand the mantis bug tracker in full details then let us understand the following concepts:

What is a Bug/Defect?
Software defect (also known as bugs, incident, fault) is a variation in the expected and actual behavior of test results during test case execution. Different companies/ organization use different naming conventions to describe these variations like bug, defect, problem, issues, incidents and faults etc. Well, every incident reported by testing team may not be a defect or bug. Some incidents may be a cause of lack of tester’s understanding of the expected or actual behaviors of the application or requirements.

Bug/Defect Management
Finding defects and correcting those defects in a software is one of the most expensive activity in software development life cycle. It is not possible to find and fix all defects in any software but project team can do their best to minimize the number of defects and reduce their impact on the client’s business. Each and every defect in a software has its own importance but considering the time, budget and resource availability in the project, it is necessary to prioritize the defects importance as per project present situation. Defect management process and tool help project team in:

  • Easy reporting of all software/ application defects in the database.
  • Prioritizing the defects as per their importance and impact on the client’s business.
  • Updating the defects status time to time.
  • Maintaining defects in throughout the SDLC/ STLC (software development life cycle/ software testing life cycle)
  • Searching or filtering any defects in the database.
  • Generating defect reports which can help project stakeholders in decision making.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Main Features/Benefits of mantis bug tracker
  • Mantis is an open source web application. It can be hosted internally within the organization.
  • It supports many platforms like Windows, Mac, Solaries, Linux. Mantis is available in 68 different localized languages.
  • It support multiple project handling on a single installation. Each project has its own database for defects. It also supports projects, sub-projects and categories. There is no limit on number of projects, users and defects.
  • It support role based security. New users can be easily created and assigned with different access rights. Access rights can be assigned project specific as well.
  • Mantis support change logs. It means that users can see a history of all changes made to the defects.
  • It support full text search, simple and advanced filter options, and shared filters across projects.
  • Mantis provides many defect reports and graphs to represent the project defect status.
  • Admin or any authorized user can add/delete customized fields in defect reporting form.
  • It support email notification configurations. You can configure email notifications for each defect update, status change, defect comments etc..
  • It support defect export to csv, excel and ms-word files.
  • It support Public/ Private Projects and Issues. Public project accessible to all users, private are only accessible to those explicitly added. Private issues are accessible to users with a specific access level to the relevant project.
  • It support time tracking for each defect. The developer / tester can track time spent in testing or fixing any specific defect.
  • It support attachments for each defect. You can attach screen shot, videos and log files to any defect.
  • It allows user to update the status of multiple defects on single click. The user just needs to select the multiple defects to update their status.
  • User can assign multiple defects to a technician/ developer on single click.
  • Mantis provides simple and advanced defect views.
  • Two defects can be interrelated with each other by just creating a simple relation between 2 defects.
  • Defects from one project can be moved easily to another project.
  • User can create a copy of the defect. This presents the user with a new issue reporting form with all of the information in the current issue filled in.

The main element of a defect:
Following are some important elements of a defect. Each element has its meaning, a good defect should have all following details

Defect ID
It is a unique identification number assigned to each defect. Mantis assigns a unique number to each defect automatically.

Defect Severity
Severity describes the impact of the defect in the application. The defect severity could be tweak, minor, major, critical, crash and show stopper.

Defect Priority
Priority describes the importance of the defect to fix. Defect priority could be low, medium, high, top etc.

Build Version
Application build version in which specific defect was found.

Assigned To
A list of users who is going to fix the specific defect.

Importance of defect from client’s business point of view.

Impact of defect on application. For example if there is just a spelling mistake on page then its severity is “Minor”. But if page is breaking on a click then it has “Major” severity.

High level details of problem in 15-20 words.

A description should have full defect details like, steps to reproduce, environment details (like browser, operating system details), actual defect and expected behavior.

Tester should attach log files, screenshot, video and any other supporting files which can help the development team while fixing the defect. These additional documents also help testers during fix verifications.

Reported Date
Mantis automatically captures the current date as date reported.

Updated Date
Whenever there is a change in defect, mantis automatically set date updated.

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