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Software testing is an extremely important as well as integral part of software development process. Given the fact that we are living in technology driven age, it has become extremely important for software development companies to make sure that they release a product into the market which is free from errors and technical glitches. [More]

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Fetching a job which brings in name, fame and success is important for all and sundry. There are many people who think of ways in which they can boost career opportunities. However with plenty of options available, choosing the one which can make huge difference to your career is not easy at all. [More]

Quality is the most important as well as primary ingredient when it comes to any field or industry. The same is fact for software development industry. Releasing software application without checking it from different perspectives can cause huge loss to an organization. [More]

We are living in an age where technology rules the roost. No matter where you live, where you go and what you do, Technology is omnipresent. In the years spanning a last decade, dependence on technology has increased manifolds. [More]

Surviving present day competitive market is no cakewalk. There are many people out there who want to fetch job which can help in realizing goals. No doubt that there is no dearth of opportunities but the one which can help you in reaching the zenith is the important task. [More]