Checkout Top Interview questions For Business Analyst(BA) and Quality Analyst(QA). [More]

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Despite all the recruitment procedures applied by employers beforehand, the interview that a respective applicant takes will seal his/her fate within the corporation.In addition to asking work-related questions which will test the applicant’s confidence, work ethic or his/her ability to work in a team. [More]

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When you receive formal interview letter from a firm you want to be in, you become very happy.First of all, it is necessary that you assess the job’s specification and do not under evaluate it or over evaluate your abilities. [More]

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Some of the ideal characteristics that recruits will exhibit, that can easily be recognized whilst interacting with them, include them being excellent listeners. Other traits which can be noticeable when special tasks are set out for them, are comfort while performing team work, thinking outside of the box, adaptability to different situations, time management skills and hard work coupled with working smart in order to tackle issues. [More]

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Since every model is used in a different situation it is difficult to compare, contrast and select a specific model. For example, the waterfall model can be employed when creating (or even modifying) software, the dynamic system development model is used in those situations where resources and time are limited. [More]