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Software development life cycle is also known as software development process.The first step is known as the requirement step whereby the outlines of what the program will be capable of doing are laid out. The second step involves how the program is going to be developed and who is responsible of what task when developing the software. [More]

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After this, they should prepare the stage for the next step - innovation. Every stakeholder does not become ready to accept innovative ideas. For this purpose, a business analyst must have o convey all the related aspects of the issue with different levels of details to satisfy all the audience. Once they realize the problem, they will become ready to use innovative ways to heal the issue [More]

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There are many stakeholders or groups of companies who do not become convinced easily. Many times they refuse the BA’s final suggestion only by saying that they do not need it at all. At this stage, the powers of a good business analyst are judged. If he loses hopes so soon; he cannot be a good business analyst. [More]

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The testing stage of the Software Development Life Cycle helps in identifying problems in software so that these may be dealt with, while keeping in mind the demands and objectives of the company itself. Furthermore, this stage helps discover as many potential problems as possible, in an articulate and orderly way, so that these can be fixed at an earlier stage rather than at a time when it is too late to do so. [More]

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Business analysis can come in different forms and this is quite significant if you want your company or business to stay not just ahead of the game but also to survive the many changes that influence your presentation as well as your steadiness. If your company cannot hire an enduring business analyst, then you can rely on assorted companies that provide business analysis assistance in different forms. [More]