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With the current financial situation of the world, it has become really hard to find jobs in almost all the sectors, may it be manufacturing or services sector. But individuals who are well qualified and have achieved a substantial training in the area they would want to work in, has certainly more chances of getting the right type of job, even in these hard economic times. [More]

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Depending upon the market sector the venture sits within, diverse business analysis techniques will be applied. Diverse techniques may also be practical at project level. Some of the mainly common of these techniques are: PESTLE , SWOT , MOST , CATWOE ,MoSCoW. [More]

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The reputed BA training institutes offer certified degrees which are like stepping stones into the corporate houses. Without a certified degree, your CV will look weak and you will find it hard to build a career as a business analyst. Hence, it is imperative that you sign up for BA training course from a recognized institute and get a degree of certificate that will bolster your chances of securing lucrative jobs in big companies [More]

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Business Analysis is a special field and a BA of an organization is required to gauge and analyze the problems existing in the organization. The job is that of high responsibility and requires the person to be extremely quick & sharp. Hence, the modern schools of Business Analysis training are also providing the best training possible to young, aspiring students. Earlier, the emphasis used to be placed basically on theoretical learning. [More]

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Business Analyst training has become extremely significant in recent times.While the importance of theoretical training cannot be undermined at any cost, it is also crucial to get some practical training so as to understand the deeper intricacies of the corporate world.Enroll for the BA training course in an institute that has got a few years of experience in the field. [More]