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Business Analyst makes analyses & assessments and so it goes without saying that the major part of his function is attached to his mental acuity. Just like a sports team hires a psychiatrist to infuse harmony & bonhomie into the team, similarly a company may hire the services of a Business Analyst to ensure that things remain hunky dory on a project. [More]

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Business analysts have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities and it can be daunting but with the proper training and guidance, you can excel in this field.Regardless of it you have an IT background or not, you need not feel discouraged since there’s no defined prerequisite for becoming a Business Analyst.it is more of a mental job wherein the business analyst is required to help define ‘problems’ and find a solution. [More]

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In order to become a business analyst in IT, it is imperative to enhance your knowledge-bank and also to get some experience under your belt.Practical experience counts a lot.increase their communication power and start reading business blogs & books.Using your past & present BA experience . [More]

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BA jobs or Business Analyst jobs are very coveted. People from both commercial and IT backgrounds can build a career in business analysis with the right training and coaching. However, it’s not easy to carve a successful career in this field without some inherent traits. [More]

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Business analysis is a hot property in the world of business and every corporate organisation is seeking to hire expert business analysts. This is because a business analyst can get down to the nitty gritty of why or how a company should function and what are the ways and means to implement a system. [More]