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For anyone who wants to achieve desired goal in life, having the right skills and expertise is the first step towards it. In the present era, choosing the right course which can actually be the reason for professional excellence is not an easy thing to do. [More]

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Business analysts, no doubt, are an asset to modern day IT sector and software development companies in particular. Although they are required in every sector, demand for business analysts has skyrocketed in IT sector. [More]

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Training is the first step to achieve desired goal. No matter where you live and what you do, it is apparent for you to crave for career which can help you in reaching the desired goal. In the present era of tough competition, only those who have right skills can reach the top. [More]

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How many times it came to your mind that it is high time to switch career profile or job? However, because of your inability to choose the right course from many in the market, you are not able to make the right decision. [More]

The role of a business analyst cannot be defined in words or few. They have a broad role to play in the overall functioning of an organization. Their main function is to identify the requirements of business and develop solutions accordingly. [More]