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Posted by trainer on 6/20/2012 7:29 AM |

Gray Box Testing is often used for testing software and it is an amalgamation of white box testing and black box testing. It combines the advantages of each test while limiting or eliminating the weaknesses. In this process, the tester understands some but not all of the workings of the software. This enables the tester to see certain portions of the code and interact more with the program unlike in black box testing but without enabling full access to the source code which may raise security issues like in white box testing.

Gray Box Testing seeks to alleviate some problems faced in black box testing like no access at all to the source code which may hamper the testing and may necessitate intervention by a third party. Similarly, in white box testing, since the tester has full access to the source code and interacts directly with the code, it throws up potential security problems. Gray box testing, on the other hand, allows the tester only a limited access to the code behind the program making the testing more secure. Thus, gray box testing seeks to combine the best of both worlds by playing up the advantages while minimizing the disadvantages.