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With the job market getting aggressively competitive, resume writing is certainly an expert’s job. While you apply for a job, it is important to find out about the company and related skill sets mentioned in the job title. Most companies give a list of talents they are looking for in the candidate and hence it is best to do a research and modulate the resume each time you present it. The rule here is that a standard resume will not work and you will need to include relevant skill sets so that your resume is shortlisted.

Another important thing is to have the dates, months and companies validated. Supposing you have mentioned a company that has undergone a merger or an amalgamation, it is indeed important to mention the current name of the company. Resumes can never be sent at the click of a mouse. Studying figures and facts is essential before the resume is sent. It is required to adequately proof read and re-read the resume to check for errors in spelling and grammar.

It is good to know about industry specifications before you apply for the job. Certain keywords will be useful to create an impression. While you are doing your resume, it is good to highlight exemplary qualities or meriotous qualifications that are relevant to the job. The key area is also about personal details, which is a major part of your personality. Awards and certificates can be mentioned in a concise manner. A language that is mature and conveys a strong personality must be used in all the tabs.

The resume needs to have a format. Sudden change in fonts or bulleting gives a wrong impression and hence it wise to fix a standard format. Altogether, the impression must be professional and very convincing so that it is shortlisted. Resumes that are lengthy due to years of experience and expertise can be perceived as boring. Here is the need to summarize and be concise. Certain points can be collectively put up and a gist of the responsibilities taken is enough to create the first impression.

Resumes are all about truth. A flowery language is not at all needed but a convincing style of writing with proper formatting and context will work well for you. In the era of computers and technology, software knowledge is considered an asset. It is good to add genuine qualifications in this connection. Other managerial qualifications and courses attended can also be added as a summary. The resume must be impressive and never be confusing. The resume is not a storyboard but it is good to know that you have improved on your basic merits and grown to a level. The chronology must be maintained in terms of skill, qualification and job title.

Other key areas are about email ids and contact numbers. Ideally, a landline and mobile number will suffice. A functional email must always be furnished. A good resume is all about editing with a proper flow of thoughts.