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Posted by trainer on 9/5/2012 7:17 AM |

The increasing trend amongst several companies is sending out employers to recruit from respectable universities within their region. This is to engage with fresh talent from the Bachelor’s or Master’s pool which can often help companies hire the right employees, without having to spend too much on recruitment processes. Ideal business analysts are often discovered in this manner.

Some of the ideal characteristics that recruits will exhibit, that can easily be recognized whilst interacting with them, include them being excellent listeners. Other traits which can be noticeable when special tasks are set out for them, are comfort while performing team work, thinking outside of the box, adaptability to different situations, time management skills and hard work coupled with working smart in order to tackle issues. These skills set apart potential candidates for this post, for which the employer is required to have a keen observation.

Certain recruitments require for the candidates to take aptitude tests alongside submitting their official education results and resumes. These tests are specially formulated so that the results show the capabilities that the candidates can display in their respective field of work. Interviews are also taken which are useful in both getting a feel of mental capacity of the emerging working class population as well as what changes they may bring to a company, if hired.

Gone are the days when co-curricular activities were considered as superfluous details in a CV and were disregarded by employers. Any activities that candidates have participated in within their university life have altered in nature to resemble corporate environments. Competitions now require intense teamwork and intellectuality to tackle issues, which are faced once they are employed. Therefore, their ready participation within specific extracurricular activities should be taken under consideration as a means to evaluate confidence.