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Despite all the recruitment procedures applied by employers beforehand, the interview that a respective applicant takes will seal his/her fate within the corporation. This a time when all the characteristics of an applicant’s personality which remained unmentioned in his/her application letter come to light. The questions asked by the employer will hence, need to be chosen carefully, with respect to the position the applicant is applying for.

In addition to asking work-related questions which will test the applicant’s confidence, work ethic or his/her ability to work in a team, certain employers choose to ask key questions which help strike a clear difference between the desirable and undesirable workers. The answers required for these questions are rather simple, mostly verging on “yes” or “no” which may test the applicant’s decision making skills or their ability to work under pressure.

The applicant’s demeanor is often considered as one of the most important ways to judge his/her character. These will and can be made purposely prominent during the interview by the employer, to check how the applicant responds. The manner in which the applicants walk into the room, seat themselves on the chair and even the way they grips the interviewer’s hand when greeting, are all seen as key indicators of just how comfortable they are in a corporate environment.

A candidate’s attire will help establish how serious he is about a particular job. Usually, employers take notice when a male applicant fails to wear a tie, is wearing unpolished shoes or clothes which are not properly ironed. The accent that an applicant adopts will be crucial because he/she needs to enunciate properly. These should be taken notice of because they will be a sign of just how keen an applicant is at following work ethic and maintaining professionalism.