Software testing certification has become part and parcel in the software testing venture. It is a trend that has received acceptance across the globe bearing in mind the many nations using software devices. Certification is the only way you can prove your competence and show that you have been approved by the product testing board to be a software tester. In this article, we aim at explaining the importance of certification and easy ways on how to understand the process and requirements for certification.

One issue that has led to software testing certification is the increase in the number of testers in the market. Before this process was discovered, it was difficult to determine who is qualified from the large number of candidates available. It is this IT completion which has led to the need for a managements to devise ways of distinguishing between qualified software testers from those who are unqualified. Quark testers are still offering their services. It will be difficult for you as a manager to differentiate if they are not certified. Apart from filtering through the testers to settle for the best, the process of software testing helps in ensuring that the best products are released to the consumer.

The following certificates are offered by the International Software Certification Board to those who posses the needed qualifications as software testers.

  1. Certified Associate in Software Quality
  2. Certified Associate in Software Testing
  3. Certified Software Quality Analyst
  4. Certified Software Tester
  5. Certified Manager of Software Quality
  6. Certified Manager of Software Testing
  7. Certified Associate Business Analyst
  8. Certified Software Business Analyst
  9. Certified Software Project Manager

The above certificates are only handed to people who are competent enough to handle each of the specified areas. Any person without certification may pose a grave danger to your company. Read more at Software Testing Training.