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The issue of software testing has been well received by all software developers across the globe. So why is software testing important? A good question indeed that deserves a careful and true answer. Software testing is a process carried out to determine whether a product meets the following marks or requirements. First , in software testing the tester is tasked with determining the correctness of a productbefore it is released to the consumer. Other things put into test include; checking whether the product is up to the set standards, whether its security features are as should or as specied and whether the software adheres to the set quality standards. Simply put, software testing deals with technical investigation of a product to determine whether it meets the set standards.

Testing is important before the product is released to the consumer since it ensures that only the best is released as theend product. It ensures that the reputation of the company or the software developer is maintained among the customers as well as across the competitors. While develpping the software,an erro may occur. When this happens, it is not possible to develop an hundred percent correct software. Although many users may not notice some of the slightest errors, it is a requirement that all products be subjected to quality testing to acertain that they are of high quality. Another word used for this error is bug or a software fault. Read more at Software Testing Training.

What does software testing entail? The process as described above tries to identify any errors or bugs or faults as they are commonly reffered to. The main aim for conducting software testing is to ensure that faulty devices are redeveloped to meet the set standard. A tester ensures that the quality of the product is thoroughly tested. Testing has its advantages both to the consumer and the developer. To the consumer testing ensures durability and quality service while to the developer he is assured of good market and sales.