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Posted by trainer on 9/23/2013 8:06 AM |

Are you wondering about the qualities rather characteristics that an employer will look for in software tester? Experience and qualifications are the two primary elements that will help you land up with a better job. However, as far as software testing experience is considered, it can be difficult for newbie to gain. No matter how many certificates you have or the rigorous training you have undergone, unless you can prove the “test” part, the possibilities of fetching as job as QA sounds impossible.

However, there is yet another approach that you can take. Along with it, following the radical as well as training concepts you can not only prove the employer what you have learned but also ascertain that you have actually done software testing at the time of interview. Training Specialists understands the growing significance of having skills and expertise to get a job, and thus have come up with the Quality Assurance Training Course undergoing which you can be assured to get a job that not only gives your career a boost but also allows you reach the desired goal. We have created a buzz amongst those considering registering for software testing course. You will get hands on experience in diverse QA concepts. Under the supervision and guidance of experienced instructors, you will actually perform the testing.

Training Specialists Quality Assurance Training program concludes with mock interview sessions, resume preparations and covering letter so that you can apply for QA job with complete confidence. So, enroll for the course with us and get ready to face the highly competitive world.