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So, has it been a long time that you have been craving for a career that is as promising as software tester? When you are considering a career in the field of software testing then there are a few things that you need to evaluate. Although it makes for a good career choice, it is important for you to know what all a tester has to do.

As the name implies, software testers have the responsibility of evaluating the software to find out about bugs and code errors. In this process, several application programs are run and by making use of several techniques, glitches are found by the tester. The primary objective is to ensure that software runs smoothly ensuring the needs of the client are met.

There are several steps involved in software testing – right starting from planning and control to evaluation of exit and entry criteria, design and analysis and implementation as well as execution. If you want to get a clear and better understanding of the same then all that you need to do is enroll for QA Courses New York and enhance your knowledge to become a tester. Training-Specialists.com is an online quality assurance training school serving to the needs of candidates aspiring to become BA.

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