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If you are an individual who is craving for a career in IT industry as software tester then there are a few things that you can do to become a better software tester. At Training-Specialists, we bring to you some of the most important things that can help you in getting the right job as quality assurance professional.

So, here we go:-

Improve The Efficacy Of Bug Reports – Providing complete report and attaching screen shots of the bug reports will give developer the detailed information that he might be looking for fixing the bug. If it is possible, consider making a video by recording the screen and attaching the bug report. When did it occur, on what devices, how many times, on which operating system is it running and under what circumstances? Provide as detailed information as possible so that development team and stakeholders find it easy to understand the issue.

Be Professional As Objective – Start software testing with fresh perspective. Start testing software with being biased or considering any past experience in mind. Software testing should be done with an open mind. QA professionals who think they know the software are the peril of ignoring important bugs.

Practice And Enhance Your Written As Well As Oral Communication Skills – Having excellent communication skills, both in written and oral form, is an added advantage. Writing skills are extremely important for writing bug reports and good test cases. These are extremely essential part of Quality Assurance job and should be given attention as well.

Quality Matters; Not Quantity – Software testers please do not run after quantity. Quality is what matters the most. Start with identifying the most important glitches and bugs. This will help the software development team in understanding bugs in ten time’s better way.

At Training-Specialists, you will undergo rigorous QA Training New York. We are driven by a pool of experienced software testers who make sure you are able to understand the nuances as well as intricacies of the procedure.