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The software quality assurance is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. It is analyzed and ensured by performing a series of activities. These activities are done as a step-by-step process and the result analysis is reported for the final evaluation procedure. You can learn it and more by enrolling for quality assurance courses for fresherLearning different aspects of software testing is a must if you want to grow and flourish in your career. 

Your decision to enroll for quality assurance courses for fresher would help you get an insight into the world of software quality assurance.


A Quality Management Plan

It is designed and developed for the Software Quality Assurance Process. The plan includes the proper technical methods for managing Software Quality Assurance activities. The plan needs tracking a life plan based on the SDLC.


Applying Software Engineering Methods

The software engineering method is chosen for achieving software quality. The methods to be used for software quality assurance are determined by evaluating the requirements collected. The requirement evaluation can be done by making use of some methods, for example, the Facilitated Application Specification Technique (FAST).

Also, a project estimate is made with the assistance of methods such as WBS (Work Break Down) and SLOC (Source Line of Code).


Technical Reviews

The Formal Technical Reviews, also known as FTR, are conducted for assessing the design and quality of the Quality Management Plan. It is done in the presence of the technical professionals and thus would be helpful for finding the defects in the initial stages. It further avoids the requirement for reworking as the reviews in each phase or stage are done with discussing the technical experts.


Applying Testing Strategy

The testing strategy is designed, developed and applied. Several levels of testing are designed and scheduled. These are designed on the basis of the policies of the company, the stages and phases for each text execution are created and schedules for the concerned persons. Beta and Alpha testing with chosen clients are conducted as well for testing the product before delivery.


Ensuring Process Adherence

The process adherence is the combination of two tasks – process monitoring and product evaluation. Product evaluation is the procedure of ensuring all the requirements that are identified in the product development result in the completion of the functionalities.

In addition, the analyzing process is done for monitoring the procedures and standards. Process monitoring, on the other hand, involves comparing actual steps for the processes with the expected steps designed in the documented processes.


The Change Control Process

It is the procedure that formalizes the request for changes, assesses the nature or quality of changes and controls the impact of these changes. The Change Control Mechanism is designed and implemented during the stages of design and development. 


Software Quality Assurance Audits

It inspects the Software Development Process by comparing it to the established processes. Software Quality Assurance Auditor is the highest responsible professional who checks and reviews are implemented to the highest possible standards. The quality of the project can be analyzed only through the outcomes of the review submitted by the software quality assurance auditor. 


Generate Reports

Appropriate records for all activities should be generated for future references. These activities assess the quality of a project and tests the way of handling project management procedures. This would result in an assessment of the performance of the Test Engineer who is responsible for the Test Management Process. 


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