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Reading further you will learn about the Role Of Business Analysts in Software Testing.


software testing is a process of verifying that the developed software product or system meets the specific business needs. Any defects or issues identified during the testing are analyzed, rectified, and retested to make sure it works as expected. In the conventional software testing technique, testing is performed when coding and requirements have been completed.


In the course of implementing a software project, Software Testing takes place at several levels. The business analyst gets involved in this process and gives inputs for requirements clarifications. Listed below is a glance into how business analysts are involved in software testing. 


Role of a BA in Integration Testing  

In this type of testing, two or more units are involved. However, integration testing should be done each time major changes are likely to impact a unit, and thus there is a requirement for testing all the impacted units ensuring they operate properly. It has to ensure that connectivity to external applications and database work properly and the system runs properly on the desired hardware platforms.


Even in this type of testing, the business analyst answers any queries and concerns that the programmers might have on logic/ results, platform support, and integrations as to whether these maps with the specifications.


Role of a BA in Regression testing 

It is a type of software testing performed to make sure a code change a specific module/feature has not negatively impacted existing modules/ features. Usually, a regression testing suite is made that is a partial selection of existing compiled system test cases and these tests are implemented after a change to make sure the existing functionalities are not regressed that is work fine.


A Business Analyst is involved in Regression Testing. They might select which critical test cases should be chosen to form a Regression suite for verifying that all features are intact after a code change and might also execute the regression test cases in association with the Testing team or independently.


Role of BA in System Testing

It is performed to verify the system, as a whole, works as per given standards and requirements. It is also known as end-to-end testing and conducted to make sure that all system components run acceptably independently and when it is integrated. It is also done to make certain that interfaces work properly.


In this type of testing, a BA is actively involved and plays varied roles that include, but not limited to, to activities mentioned below:

  • Review system cases made by the testing team
  • Work with testing team for creating system test plans
  • Provide requirements clarifications when needed by the testing team
  • Create and implement the system test cases


Role of BA in User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

As the name indicates, UAT is all about testing the applications to be used by the users who might be end-users or business subject matter experts in which they validate that the solution meets the solution and stakeholder requirements and business needs. It is the most crucial testing activity and involves great interest for business sponsors, project management, and users. This is mainly because UAT is performed on a product like an environment and scenarios with likely real business data, and passing of User Acceptance test means that solution fulfills the business and solution specifications and is ready to be installed, deployed, or released.


BA’s play an active role in User Acceptance Testing and can play varied roles that include but are not limited to the activities mentioned below. 

  • Clarify functional queries that might arise during testing activities
  • Perform UAT on behalf of business end-users if appointed by them for performing on their behalf
  • Train the testers from the business side on the functional aspects of the application
  • Create or help in creating UAT test cases that include the essential business use/scenario cases.


Role of a Business Analyst in Unit Testing

Unit Testing is performed on a single unit that can be a component or module. The programmers test the unit in isolation to ensure the expected results are generated properly. Software programmers perform this form of testing and the role of a BA is limited. They answer any concerns or queries that the programmers might have on logic or result as to whether these maps with the specifications.


Role of BA in Sanity Testing 

It is a form of software testing in which only basic tests are conducted when a new build software is received for testing. It is also a subset of Regression Testing and is done to make sure that the code changes are working as they should. It is all about validating the core functionality of the application and not to conduct thorough testing.


The role of a business analyst is limited however if they are involved they execute the Sanity test cases in association with the testing team or independently.


This is how BA’s are involved in software testing. When you enroll for BUSINESS ANALYST TRAINING IN NEW YORK, you will get an opportunity to understand the role and responsibility of business analysts in different types of software testing.


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