The success of any business or project depends entirely on how a team works. The role and responsibility of a business analyst are of great importance. In the present times, the definition of success has changed. Even to run a successful business, it is important for you to have the right team of professionals. Business analysts, right from the start of the project till the time it is completed, make sure that everything is smooth. Those who want to make the most of their career in this field should consider applying for Ba Training Classes For Beginners. It is a short-term training course that can help you build your career in the field of business analysis.

When it comes to this profession, there are several aspects. Writing business cases is an inevitable part of this profession. Learning the art of writing business cases is of great significance. It is not an easy task. Not everyone can write them. It is only when you undergo training that you will learn how to write business cases. The decision to apply for this course can help you get started in this career. Not only will you learn to write business cases but also other fundamentals and basic concepts that can up your career prospects.

Business cases are often needed for justifying the requirement to launch new services or products, invest funds in business initiatives or initiate projects. While some mature and experienced business organizations try to devote their resources to measuring and tracking realizing and understanding the advantages after projects have been completed, other companies identify business advantages with the only intention of getting business cases approved. The nature of the advantages identified in the business cases can make a great difference whether it is approved or not. It is important for businesses to understand the nature of benefits that have to be identified in your business case and the benefits you have recognized are sufficient for securing fund approval.

When looking for benefits, specifically for the purpose of calculating ROI – Return on Investment -it is important to take into consideration that calculating ROI for a single project can be difficult as some financial gains or process metrics are influenced by software implementation, process changes, and other projects that happen in parallel.

Thus, if you are planning to carve out a career in this field then there are certain important things you should know. Whether it is identifying business benefits or preparing a business case, listed below are some facts you should know.


  • Benefits phase in over a period. This means that advantages can accrue from year to year and might not necessarily be one-off. Benefits vary every year. This is especially important to note at the time of developing a cost-benefit analysis.


  • Identifying benefits is just the starting of a project. As an inevitable part of project governance, it is important for such a professional to determine a benefits realization framework or process for measuring results on an ongoing basis and identify when interference has to be done.


  • Understand the current situation and document present main performance indicators for ensuring that benefits can be measured after the implementation of the project. This is specifically central to fostering incessant improvement. The Source of data is important here and can leave an impact on the complete accuracy of the outcomes. 


  • Business cases are not static and have to be continuously assessed for relevance at particular milestones all through the project course.


  • Document accountability for the benefits by recognizing which business roles or units are accountable for making sure those benefits are realized.


  • While benefits are usually categorized as intangible that is soft benefits that cannot be converted into cash like greater customer satisfaction or tangible benefits that are hard benefits that are measurable in monetary terms, for instance, a decrease in headcount. It is important to know that intangible benefits can turn into tangible benefits over time. However, you have to keep track of the ‘chain of consequences’ of delivering the intangible benefit for arriving at the tangible benefit, for instance, better customer satisfaction can improve customer retention that has a measurable impact on the business such as allocating the lesser amount of funds for attracting new customers.

Business cases are not static however evaluated for relevance all through the life of the projects that develop. They need a supporting benefits realization framework or model for ensuring the benefits that are identified in the business cases and can be measured and reaped.

In the modern-day business organization, the work of a business analyst starts right from the first stage of the project development. No software development or IT company can survive the increasing competition without having a team of skilled and trained business analysts. Hiring such professionals has become the need of the hour. No matter whether it is a small or large business, BAs can make a great difference to the overall outcomes of a particular project. Though the demand for BAs has witnessed a spurt in recent times, companies prefer hiring skilled and trained candidates. 

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