Business analysts play a vital role in the overall functioning of a company. They are the assets who can make a world of difference to the performance of an organization. They constantly work to adopt new technologies and fix outdated processes. They are in high demand across all industry verticals from IT to finance to corporate management. The decision to carve out a niche in this field can open plenty of career opportunities. All you need to have is the right skills. Ba Training Courses Houston can help you get a glimpse into the world of business analysts empowering you with the knowledge and skills to fetch a promising job in this field.


Undoubtedly, following a career path as a business analyst is rewarding and lucrative. However, just like any other career, you might feel what is next? For those who do not know, being a business analyst is never boring. The profession is full of endless opportunities. Here we bring to you some of the most exciting and popular BA career paths.


Where can you head in your career as a business analyst?


When it comes to the career path of a business analyst, it can go in several directions. BAs are not only precise analysers but also strong communicators. Having the right skills that translate well to specialties in IT and business is an added advantage.


The primary role and responsibility of a business analyst are to determine the technology resources and objectives of the company to reach the desired goals. Professionals or students who have expertise in interpreting and analysing business data are just the right fit for jobs as product managers, architects, system analysts, and consultants.


Are you looking forward to kickstarting your career as a business analyst? Here is a glance.


Career paths and opportunities for business analysts.

Once you have gained years of experience as a Business Analyst, you can take the next step in your career. Listed below are potential career paths for skilled and trained business analysts who are all set to move up the ladder to success.


IT Business Analyst

An IT business analyst is responsible for facilitating and managing technology-driven business projects with their knowledge of business components, IT, and software. The role and responsibility are considered a step-up from the existing role as it requires deeper skills and knowledge of business management and technology. Such professionals require to have a vast understanding of business process requirements, operating systems, and data requirements to make effective strategic decisions. Additionally, they should also have excellent communication skills to get approval for the project from several stakeholder groups. In simple words, they should be persuasive. Several titles fall under the umbrella of IT business analysis. You can choose the one that best suits your existing skills and knowledge.


Management Analysts

Also known as management consultants, professionals in this role advise business leaders and managers on how to improve the processes of a company, increase revenue and reduce costs. Their role is similar to IT business analysts however they usually consult for other organizations instead of working internally for one company.


Generally, management analysts choose one focus area like government, IT, or finance, and work as a subject matter expert for clients in that specific field. Whether they are jack of all trades or master of one, they earn a great salary package. 


Data Scientist

It is relatively a new field providing great exposure and opportunities for those who want to do something different in their life. Such professionals have a knack for piecing together disparate data points and providing actionable inputs to decision-makers. They use techniques from machine learning to statistics to extract the right meaning from data and interpret it.

If you want to be a part of this field, you should have strong technical skills including SQL database skills, Python, and Hadoop. You should have the ability to think out-of-the-box to get effective and tangible results from complex data.


One who wants to carve out a niche in this field should be highly educated and learned. Having a degree in computer science, maths, statistics, or some other related field is advantageous. As far as salary for such professionals is considered, it is hefty.


Information Security Analyst 

Information Security Analysts are of great importance to businesses of all types and sizes. They monitor networks and IT systems and interpret security data for protecting an organization from any kind of cyberattacks. They are responsible for finding and identifying weaknesses and introduce creative and innovative ways for strengthening security measures.


Information security analysts interpret security data and monitor IT systems and networks to protect an organization from cyberattacks. Security analysts are responsible for finding weaknesses and coming up with creative ways to strengthen security measures. If you are intrigued by intrusion detecting, cybersecurity, and problem-solving, having a career as an Information Security Analyst is the right career choice for you. When you enroll in BA Training program in Houston, you will get a platform to learn and understand the diverse aspect of this profession.


Quantitative Analysts

Also known as financial engineers, quantitative analysts are also called quantitative researchers, quantitative developers, or quantitative traders. Professionals working in this role review and analyze data for creating, implementing, and presenting mathematical models to back up financial decisions. In other simple words, they count on the available data to ensure risks taken by a business are smart risks.


When it comes to the salary of such professionals, it is high. Such professionals have experience and expertise in the field like economics, mathematics, or computational finance. Moreover, having an additional degree as a business analyst only boosts prospects in this field.


These are just a few of many career options you can follow by earning an additional certification in the business analyst field. Training-Specialists is one of the leading institutes providing BA Training Houston to those who want to fetch a job in this field. Get on board with us, and explore an all-new world of business analysis.