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If you are already a part of the quality assurance, you know how rapidly the work scenario is changing and evolving. With the emergence of new technologies, the nature of work seems to be evolving too. RFID tracking, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning are some of the technologies that are going to impact your career in one way or another. How to keep pace with the changing world is one question that keeps you worried. What will you do?

All you have to do is take some proactive measures and upskill yourself. Join courses that aim at polishing the skills of amateur candidates. You have to put in efforts to make sure your role in the Software Quality Assurance world is robot-proof. The more you study and upgrade your skills, the better your career.

Technology that Will Change the World of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is synonymous with all industries – small or large – established or start-up. Irrespective of the industry you work in, QA is an inevitable part, and you have to make sure that the product of your company meets the laid-out standards and requirements. It should be free from errors and technical glitches so that the end-users can use it without any difficulty. Each product is designed with a purpose or objective. As a Quality Assurance Professional, it is your responsibility to make sure it meets the pre-decided standards and specifications.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology is the most important thing for such professionals.

At its core, QA is all about preventing a bad software app from being released to the market. The quality assurance process starts right from the initial stage of software development. It is an ongoing and rigorous process to deliver the best product. Some protocols and strategies are followed to ensure quality assurance standards are met.

And the role of humans in quality assurance is immense. And while there will always be a role for human beings in the QA process, new tools and technologies are definitely pushing the boundaries of things that are possible to achieve without human intervention. Some of the emerging technologies that are likely to impact the QA field are.

RFID – Radiofrequency Identification – 

It allows for real-time tracking of freight, inventory, and other products. It is of great significance to companies working with the complicated global supply chain.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

This is the latest trend that has taken the world by storm. It has made human lives easy by manifolds. It comprises a range of WiFi-enabled devices that can be leveraged throughout software development and manufacturing. There is a potential that IoT-enabled devices, in the form of sensors, might prove significant during the distribution process, particularly for goods such as pharmaceuticals and foods that are at the risk of humidity and temperature fluctuations during transport.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

These are the two emerging technologies that might play a vital role in interpreting, collecting, and processing data during the QA process. Furthermore, these technologies also have an inevitable role in the tech and software development process and QA. However, they can impact products ranging from automobiles to food.


An unchanging, permanent, and decentralized record can be leveraged for a range of uses. For instance, a blockchain ledger might be referenced in the case that tainted or bad products enter the supply chain to more safely and quickly resolve the issue. It can also be used to track the paperwork and product from station to station throughout the supply chain process. This holds the potential to reshape record-keeping practices across all industries.

Each of this technology is evolving and has a significant role in the software development process. Learning software quality assurance is the key to staying in the competition.

What are the Responsibilities of QA Professionals?

Listed below are some responsibilities of a quality assurance team in a software development company.


  • Developing training processes for each person who interacts or handles the software app or product.
  • Ensuring the quality of the product through regular testing and auditing.
  • Recording the outcomes of your internal audits for reference like statistical data about the product quality.
  • Drafting, interpreting, and implementing quality assurance specification and standards and procedures for the company.
  • Recognising areas along the manufacturing process or supply chain that can be addressed to enhance product safety and quality.
  • Ensuring risk management and ongoing compliance across the company.
  • Assessing new and existing regulations to ensure your QA protocols meet set requirements and standards.

Fulfilling these responsibilities is not easy at all. Only QA professionals who have the right set of skills can achieve it. Here are some skills that you need to have as a QA professional.


  • Statistical Analysis
  • Planning and organizational
  • Industry-specific technical knowledge
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

As new technologies emerge, maintaining quality assurance in the software development process becomes more important. Monitoring and tracking them means QA professionals should have skills and knowledge for the same. The best way to stay ahead in the league is by polishing your skills to meet the growing demand of the industry as influenced by new technologies.

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