Quality assurance is an indispensable part of any product development. No software app or product can be released to the market without being checked for the presence of errors, glitches, and bugs. It is done to ensure each product performs according to some standards and requirements. Training for QA job prepares you for this highly competitive yet well-paying industry.

Why is Quality Assurance Great Career Move?

Have you ever used a software app or product that does not function or work properly? Do you feel frustrated by the number of issues you face while using it? If yes, then you can understand how important the job of software quality assurance is. Having a computer degree or technical knowledge is compulsory to kick start a career in this field. You should have a detail-oriented mind and the ability to cope with work pressure. That does not mean the job is a cakewalk, and anybody can do it.

It is one of the most demanding and challenging professions. Only those who have patience, dedication, and commitment to work can succeed in this field. While having technical knowledge is not compulsory, it is advantageous to fetch a job in this sector. Even during the training program, technical know-how will help you effectively understand different aspects of quality assurance. The career demands a pile of documentation that can be difficult and intimidating for those with no engineering background.

The result of a software QA job is tracked in a database for engineers to assess so that they can resolve any issue or defect. Sometimes, the position might become monotonous; however, it is important to remember that the work focus will constantly evolve to diverse aspects of the program, lessening some repetition. Also, you get a chance to find out about

the latest technology and ensure that a software program or app is free from bugs and flaws.

Finally, IT is one of the most flourishing industries, and QA jobs seem to be increasing in the coming years, which means you can have the most secure job in the tech sector. 

Here are innovative career leaps and ideas for aspiring software quality assurance professionals.

Product Manager

The role of a project manager is of great importance to the entire process of the software development lifecycle. They analyze and review software apps and products repeatedly and thus understand methodologies for improving the quality of a software product better. In the present times of highly competitive and demanding market, delivering highly functional software is a must to achieve commercial success and stay in the lead. A product manager works to achieve this goal.

Such professionals are usually the go-to people for features and new product development. Using their knowledge and skills, they take the product to new heights. They move easily into other company areas, managing PMOs and leading global organizations and business units. 

Quality Engineering and Strategy

It is not a big leap to switch from Quality Assurance to quality engineering. However, it is one of the best ways for such professionals to move up their careers. In quality engineering, there are fewer efforts to ensure the quality of the product. They rather make sure a system of quality for all the product releases. SQA professionals might also consider pursuing positions in QA strategy. Historically, the position has always been awarded to non-technical professionals with a background in business analysis.

Customer Experience Leader

Software quality assurance professionals are myopically centered on the customers or end-users. They are considered valuable assets to the company as IT companies believe in elevating the value of customer satisfaction and experience. Skilled and seasoned QA professionals keep customers first in everything they do. So, they make for a great customer service position professional.

In this age of digitalization, software QA professionals are the voice of the end-users. A company constantly works to provide an incredible experience to its customers. And such professionals always pay attention to the human element. You have to think like them – what do they want? And why?

IT Management

Experience is the key to success. As you move up the ladder to different roles, you will learn and understand different aspects of the quality assurance and software development process. Companies look for professionals who have the skills to manage several things. Thinking about the big picture and critical thinking and evaluation are two skills you will learn over the years. These two attributes will be your key to climbing the ladder to the IT management job.

DevOps Roles

Because of their holistic view of the software development process, software quality assurance professionals can turn into excellent product stability managers, engineers or release managers, or automation engineers in the organization involved in the DevOps approach to development.

DevOps needs a holistic approach for application development and delivery to make sure that code gets to end users faster, often, and of high quality. As developers are too far delved into the weeds, they lack this approach. But quality assurance professionals have it. When a professional moves upstream, they can easily get involved in the DevOps practice and movement and gradually take over the role and responsibility of DevOps.

Enterprise Architect

Many of you might be wondering how a QA fits into the role of an Enterprise Architect. Read on. 

Software quality assurance professionals have an eye for detail. They notice even the smallest things that can be either bad or good for the product. Appreciation for independent evaluation is not always welcoming in fast-moving and evolving software development companies. Thus, it makes them the ideal candidate for enterprise architecture jobs. 

These are some of the most preferred career roles for quality assurance professionals. Instead of wondering how to embark on the journey of quality assurance, you should spare time and find out about the Training for QA Course. The training program is designed especially for candidates who want to become software quality professionals. At Training-Specialists, we strive to provide our candidates with the finest training. When you enroll with us for this course, you will learn about the profession and career opportunities. Our main purpose is to polish and enhance the skills of QA professionals so that finding the right job becomes easy.