Quality assurance, as we all know, is an inevitable part of the software development process. No software app or product can be released to the end-users or the client without being checked for the presence of bugs, errors, and flaws that surface at the time of the software development. Several professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the overall quality of the software product. Of all, quality assurance professionals have an essential role in determining the quality of the product. As the demand for such professionals increases, employment opportunities increase too. If you want a job in the IT sector or are thinking of making a switch, Online Qa Training Usa is the best way to get started. The course can become your first step towards a career you have always dreamt of.

The entire training program is a journey that lets you take an insight into the world of quality assurance in the software industry. It arms you with the skills and knowledge required to become successful in this field. Even though the course duration is short, it paves the way for knowledge that can do wonders to your career. By earning an additional certificate, you can start exploring employment opportunities and give your career a much-needed boost. Reading further, you will learn about QA's role in the software development process. So, here we go.

No single product becomes a success unless it is checked thoroughly for the presence of code errors, bugs, and other technical glitches. It needs improvement and is not entirely free from bugs. Especially in something as intricate as software development, where codes can be written in many different ways, it becomes crucial to ensure that all the software development and QA team members are on the same page right from the beginning. It is one of the main reasons why excellent services can only be assured by a continuous and steady process of defining standards, advising the improvement, and verifying if the software products fulfill the desired criteria.  

Quality Assurance can be defined as the process of verifying whether the software product meets the client's expectations and the standard and desired specifications. It occurs concurrently with the software product application procedure. Testing the applications from different perspectives is a significant part of the QA process. It is through the quality assurance process that software development companies can ensure the quality of the product. It allows organizations to focus on strengths like development, whereas QA testing tasks can be performed by trained and skilled quality assurance professionals. This can further improve productivity. Proficient and trained QA testers continuously test every single aspect of the application using practical tools and manually to ensure the ready-to-deliver product works well.

Role of Quality Assurance in the Software Development process

Quality assurance refers to the planned activities to ensure that the software products and the process conform to the standards, procedures, and requirements. There are several dependencies in quality assurance, like scope, software size, methodologies, and complexity. Quality assurance testers carefully go through the software application systematically. They check and determine if the potential end-user can easily use all its functionalities and features and if the product is intuitive and user-friendly. Such professionals have an essential role in the process. They perform debugging, testing, and tuning and suggest detailed improvements that assure the quality of the end product. Listed below are some objectives of such professionals.


  • Risk identification
  • Validate and verify software requirement
  • Maintaining the quality of the system according to the business specifications and requirements.
  • Boost confidence about the quality levels of software products
  • Testing the product for bug removal
  • Maintaining reports and concluding remarks
  • Finding and removing fault
  • Review user interface for functionality and consistency
  • Imperfection and defect reduction
  • Defect prevention technique
  • Defect tracking process and methods

What are the different types of software testing?

As a Quality Assurance Professional, it is essential to know that some bugs and errors are so troublesome that they can damage or break the entire product causing massive loss to the business. The QA professionals are responsible for identifying and detecting the bugs and resolving them with the help of the software development team. There are a series of steps that can be followed to check the functionality and accuracy of a system or software, including:

  • Load Testing
  • Black box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing

There are different methods and ways to test the quality of software products throughout the software development process; the one used at which stage depends on the application's requirements. The quality assurance process verifies that the product meets the reliability, functionality, security, performance, and usability requirements, to name a few. Several factors make QA testing so crucial to the SDLC. A quality product is a must to ensure the success and profit of the organization. Usually, companies are happy to spend more for safe, excellent, and reliable products. It is primarily because of this reason that QA assurance testing can add great value to the deal.

With the increasing competition, leaving a positive impression on customers is of utmost importance to stay ahead in this highly competitive world. Delivering a superior app means you can have better reach and word-of-mouth publicity. This will ultimately raise the confidence of your existing customers while attracting new ones. Completing the project within budget and time further brings your company a good name.

To Sum Up

Quality assurance professionals can provide a diverse perspective of software apps and products through the SDLC. Thus, companies should ensure that layered QA testing is performed at different design or development phases. Early QA testing prevents expensive errors and the development of useless features that do no good to users. Remember that good quality assurance testing is performed to remove bugs and guarantee that an accurate procedure is in place. Instead of only identifying flaws, it prevents them throughout development.

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